Crosswalk Catwalk_practice: June 9th, 2013

Crosswalk Catwalk is a free, notforprofit runway show dedicated to highlighting and offering a platform for new and developing designers, photographers, stylists, hair, and makeup artists, and beyond.  This event is open to all, and aims to create a community of these artists, fostering new relationships and business connections.  Fashion is wearable art, and we’d like to treat it that way by approaching our show from this artistic point of view.  The way a garment interacts with the body, the space that it occupies and the environment that it’s in, are all considerations taken into account when designing.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to take these beautiful pieces, and show them on the street?  Interact with actual ‘buyers’? Give passers by something to talk about over dinner later that night with friends?  Crosswalk Catwalk will open the doors to our runway show to everyone on the street, because we believe that fashion is for EVERYONE.  Interacting with people on the street, and very publicly displaying your work is a great way to both attract attention to your work and to generate sales by gaining a following.  There’s a reason that people prefer window seating, and sit for hours in times square.  They’re watching- they’re looking for something great, and they’re waiting for you!”

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