West Side Story

Mama and I just got back from taking a much needed vacation in the Big Apple. It was a one day, one night adventure through the Upper West Side, as we slipped in and out of talk shows. It was a completely surreal experience as we got to see what it takes to produce The Chew and then, just by happenstance, The Katie Couric Show. Apparently, if the weather can only be described as “slushy”, “cold”, and “wintery”, most people don’t show up to these things and representatives from these talk shows are begging for seat fillers. As we left The Chew, we were approached to come back to see Katie, we eagerly accepted. Two inches away a woman for Rachael Ray wanted to pay for our cab to see her show – too late though as we had to check out from the Comfort Inn and had already accepted Katie’s invitation.

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Anyway, I realized a few things after all this:

  • The power of editing is immense.
  • Wear a bright green hat and you’re bound to be seen in the audience overhead shots.
  • Studios are a lot smaller than they seem on television.
  • The audience almost has more responsibility than the stars do (i.e. are poked and prodded by a warm-up comedian into oohing and ahhing at the appropriate moments, several won’t seem like they are and you’ll end up responding late anyway).
  • When deemed emotionally vacant by the first show, have a drink to help you get through the next one.
  • Honey Boo Boo loves her hair.




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