PROOF (Fluxus Funeral)

So I was just made aware that there are photos from July's Fluxus Funeral. Yeah, it actually happened people. Here's proof...
So I was just made aware that there are photos from July’s Fluxus Funeral. Yeah, it actually happened people. Here’s proof…


I consider myself to be infinitely curious and therefore I often push myself beyond my comfort level to try something new and see what happens. This was one of those times.


Our small part in all of this: our piece entitled: “When Your Luck Runs Out On You”

ORIGINAL CONCEPT: “The Inspiration:  A co-worker tragically lost her battle to cancer just over the weekend + I’ve been visiting a lot of bingo halls lately with my Mama, her friend, and a bunch of old people (I won 9 dollars once!) =

When your luck runs out / When luck really has nothing to do with it / Death is inevitable
This culminates into a really really brief performance piece! The audience is given bingo cards, Adrienne “Strawberry Moon” will read the numbers out over the microphone. A clip of a noisy bingo hall will play over the speakers. Meanwhile in the center a man will sit on a chair. I will kneel beside him, blindfolded, with a bingo marker. Every time she calls out a number I will mark his body. Someone is guaranteed to win (but at what expense?). When the audience member yells out, “Bingo!” the man will clutch his heart and collapse. The winner will be given a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. This will take all of five minutes or less.”
AMENDMENTS: Dorian King fills in for Adrienne Jones as bingo caller, smiley face stickers replace bingo marker.



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