“Why must we live so tragically? I mean, what’s the deal?” I asked no one in particular.

I looked at my hands. I made a few phone calls that went unanswered. There was a commotion this morning about a missing feline, I think. The suspect was found napping in a warm blanket. But that wasn’t what was killing me…What happened last night? We were conversing about receiving smoke signals from a phantom world…My memory had been clear rung out to dry! Perhaps I would never know.

I went to a plastic covered window to see if I could make out any detail of light or environment. In the cold December air a large fly had managed its way inside. It buzzed, buzzed, buzzed…

“What are you doing here?!” I screamed at the intruder.

I began to cry. Why is it so easy to forgive others yet so hard to forgive oneself?

A message from the gods rang loudly via my transmitter:

You feel asleep at a table.

Praise be to angels!

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