Chaos Abounds


“I remember a time when I spent my nights deciphering The Code and declining invitations to tea with wealthy gentlemen…” continued Ol’ Bat.

The sock had been replaced with a shoe because it had melted. This wasn’t very effective and I spat it out but no one really seemed to care. Teenybopper was pacing the floor.

“How did you get out of The Bubble?” Teenybopper asked, cutting to the chase.

“When I realized that my parts were completely capable of Life!”

Teenybopper nodded. This made sense.

“…And when people were swarming the streets I realized that chaos abounds and is continuously cycling. Death travels to your doorstep and its pigments are swept under your very own rug!”

Ol’ Bat spilled some blood and actually made a compassionate gesture towards Teenybopper, caressing her forearm.

“But you have to forgive yourself eventually…it takes time. It’s very easy to get caught up in The Bubble, it’s an attractive space whose depths have unlimited potential. You have to take time to breathe the air outside every once in awhile though and use your powers for good.”

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