Annex Art, Days 8 – 16

8. “Springtime is on my mind/Flower bloomin’ all the time/Smell the roses, smell the grass/Old man Winter can kiss my ass”—Spinal Tap = KLOWN KISS-OFF

9. “It’s springtime, it’s springtime,/There’s blue sky in a puddle,/There’s a bird on the ground,/Dog on the roof,/Chirp, chirp, woof, woof,”—Jeffrey Lewis = CONFUSED CANINE

10. “Licking a bamboo leaf’s spring rain…mouse”—Matsuo Basho = LEGITIMIZING LUSTSHIP (couldn’t decide which one to post)

11. “When Winter’s here, yeah, it’s party time!/Bring your bottle, wear your bright clothes/It’ll soon be summertime”—Mungo Jerry =  PARTY PEOPLE

12. “Waking From Drunkenness on a Spring Day”—Li Po = AGITATION, ALONE

13. “All the flowers of the Spring meet to perfume our burying”—John Webster = TRADITIONAL TREASURES

14. Suntan Oil and the Smell of Bacon Frying = BURNED BUM

15. “Well, I didn’t go to work/told the boss I was sick ‘Well, you can’t use the car ‘cause you didn’t work a lick’”—Eddy Cochran = FEAR AND FINANCES

16. Beach Blanket Bingo = MICKEY MOUSER


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