Annex Art, Days 17 – 24

These quicker sketches are like coloring book pages for semi-adults.

17. “Well, we’ll go swimmin’ every day/no time to work, just time to play”—“Summertime”—The Jamies = LAND, LOST


18. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service = BRASH BOOMBOX

19. “But to go to school in a Summer morn’/ O, it drives the joy away”—William Blake = BEAT BOREDOM

20. Midnight Sun = SHINING STAR

21. “Summer has come in/ Loudly sing, Cuckoo!”—Medieval English Rota = GIRLISH GIGGLES

22. “A flash of lightning: into the gloom goes the heron’s cry”—Matsuo Basho = BIRD BRAIN

23. Spittoons, Horseshoes and Croquet = STRIFE OF THE STRIPES

24. “And it’s two bare feet on the dashboard. Young love and an old Ford/ Cheap shades and a tattoo.” –“Summertime” as sung by Kenny Chesney = CHESNEY CROONS A CHICK


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