Devon Fick Presents: Short Stories Based on Small Objects

Here’s a piece I wrote for Devon Fick’s ongoing series, “Short Stories Based on Small Objects.”  My object/inspiration is the blue ticket seen below.

13072934_1197827553571698_2011956599_o (1)

The love of his life had died back in ’81. Poor Ol’ Dorothy Jo’s lungs had failed her, leaving Mr. Robert William Barker alone with a bunch of infertile dogs. I remember how, at one time, people had used to say that Hollywood was no place for a sweet thing like myself; they were right. But Mama didn’t raise no quitter, though she did raise a fool…

Is it destiny when you already know before it’s gonna happen or do you realize how perfect it is after it’s all over? It was like this kind of delayed reaction where some senses came in front of others, an excited blur of multi-colored, flashing lights and audience approval. A hand beckoned me forth onto the stage —–


I couldn’t breathe but I managed a few words, practically a choked whisper, “Bob, I’ve loved you forever…”

He lent his ear to my mouth, a true shame I didn’t slide my tongue in but I was stronger than I knew. I repeated it more confidently as if it were a fact and not a thousand rocks heavy upon my heart. He jostled my hair in appreciation. I fainted.

Later he would grunt like an animal hovering over me, drenched in sweat, and saying in finality, “spay…and…neuter…your…PETS!” This would prove to be the beginning of the end of me.

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