Many thanks to all those involved and who came out yesterday – it was truly humbling! Check out Richard McCaffrey’s photos of the event, various cell phone pictures from my crappy camera, and then some better ones from the beautiful attendees.

“WITHOUT A FACE” Photography by Eric Frazer featuring Sarah Samways

Despite the weird April snow this is still happening tonight. Come out and see some of my paintings in collaboration with Eric Frazer’s photography. 

Paintings at “Roll Around in the Dirt with Me”

TONIGHT IN PVD – Make eye contact with some of my paintings at a one-night-only salon, “Roll Around in the Dirt with Me,” hosted by Lauren and Polina! 


So, we had a few setbacks with this one – originally planned for another space just last month but it fell through – but this didn’t hold us back! Come on out for a showcase of photographer friend Eric Frazer’s work while also browsing some of the artwork that inspired it, featuring a couple ofContinue reading “GROUP EXHIBITION W/PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIC FRAZER”

Body painting, photography by Eric Frazer

I had a great time revisiting body painting the other day. Photographer friend, Eric Frazer, got some amazing shots (as always), make-up artist Kim Lavallee primed our model to perfection, and model KJ was really patient for her first time under the brush! Old paintings I made of mums and dahlias fueled this speedy session whileContinue reading “Body painting, photography by Eric Frazer”

Selfie Act of 2014

Hello Elsa, I must apologize for not adhering to the Selfie Act of 2014 which mandates that I take multiple photos of myself and send them to you immediately. I’ve been too busy being comfortable amongst the chaos that is Life. But with the new year, comes a new start. I hope these will suffice,Continue reading “Selfie Act of 2014”

Hadbawnik, Royer, Samways, Schropp All Honored at Luncheon

Originally posted on The Lankville Daily News:
By Gina Bradley-Komminsk David Hadbawnik LANKVILLE ACTION NEWS: YES! Lankville Daily News columnists David Hadbawnik, Ric Royer, Sarah Samways and Brian Schropp were all honored yesterday at a downtown luncheon held in an office park that was later completely destroyed by a mysterious fire. Hadbawnik, Royer and Samways…

The Incident in the Woods: An Investigative Report

Originally posted on The Lankville Daily News:
By Sarah Samways Lankville Daily News’ Contributing Female hits the streets in search of answers. Lankville, your safety is important to me – I want you to know that. Your privacy is too, I suppose. The state of your mental health is a concern I have from time…


As we all know, my mama is always keen on buying piggy banks for newborn kids in the hopes that their parents will be able to put a little change aside for them as they grow up. This year, she bought blank ones and asked me to decorate them for the newest kids. In myContinue reading “GIFTS FOR LITTLE GIRLS”


It’s the holiday season and I’ve been forced to ponder things very deeply and very astutely. It’s an unfortunate occurrence as I think I’m pretty on throughout the year but forgive me for I am about to be blunt. I must address all who dare come out of the woodwork and come to me inContinue reading “BLOOD VISITS & THE FAILURES OF MEN AND OF MEN WHO WANT TO FAIL ME”

Why is Santa Wearing Jeans? by Sarah Samways

Originally posted on The Lankville Daily News:
Why is Santa wearing jeans? A Selection from Our Heavy Bursting Christmas Mail Sack Well, it’s the day after Christmas and our editor’s office has been flooded with letters from you, our loyal readers. These range in topic from “How long do I cook the Decorative Ham?” to…