Flarfy Feelings

Here’s my first time writing a Flarf poem. Let’s see how this goes over in class tonight.   Flarf: Lust Ever Fleeting, Love Upholds The only woman pioneered the lone woman. They never quite saw her as an equal… The Girl, (Art’s first punk), continues to inspire people. History has taken a while to catchContinue reading “Flarfy Feelings”

A Cento to See You

Thanks to Frequency Writers, I’m creating poetry with a more academic, experimental approach. Here’s my first time writing a Cento. Here are my source materials: 1 “My Life by Water” by Lorine Niedecher 2 “Unicorn Believers Don’t Declare Fatwas” by Nada Gordon 3 “A Thousand Virgins Shout Fuck Off” by Elizabeth Treadwell 4 “Some Pink in Your Color” by AmyContinue reading “A Cento to See You”