I have a stalker, (legitimately). When I was slightly younger than I am now I was sexually assaulted. Both are two completely different situations but the scars have some eerie similarities: there’s a lot of blaming yourself, being unable to fully participate in life, constantly looking over your shoulder, and seeing your assailant’s face everywhere,Continue reading “COLLECTED THOUGHTS: VOYEURISM IN 2015”


I’ve been up all night, trying to get lucky! :-/ Experimental video made exclusively for Video! Video! EP:3 Video Dating, October 2014   ELEPHANTS.


Tomorrow   At the stroke of midnight is Mama’s birthday so I’ve dressed some stuff up in the hallway…Now don’t tell anybody! ;) Non-Sequitur #1: Fashionably Bloody Knuckles…   Non-Sequitur #2: Type “do a barrel roll” into your Google search bar…Maybe it’s old news but it’s still cool! :D      


Bitcoin and the World of New Money By Sarah Samways  / June 25, 2013   Perusing the Internet Archive’s activity blog will bring visitors to a post concerning an Archive contributor’s recent dealings with Bitcoins. What are bitcoins? A bitcoin is being pegged as the new dollar, only better. Instead of being controlled, mandated, tracked,Continue reading “$$$”

Holy Motors: Clarification

Holy Motors Movie Review by Roger Ebert Holy Motors (Leos Carax, France) by Dennis Lim for CinemaScope  Holy Motors: Cheat Sheet compiled by Lynden Barber Holy Motors reviewed by The New York Times This Isn’t Your Life : On the Brillant, Trippy Holy Motors by Tim Grierson for Gawker  Holy Motors Is A Strange Cinematic Prayer byContinue reading “Holy Motors: Clarification”