24, Big Apple

March 22, 2014: ♫ It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to… ♫ No need for tears here, I’m 24! Weird! Mama and I are traversing New York, stopping by an art gallery in a Presbyterian church to drop off a piece for an upcoming show (Freedom of Fantasy, April 26,Continue reading “24, Big Apple”


When Googling yourself gets weird… —-> THE STORY <—- THE PAINTING: —-> THE INTERVIEW <—- * Many thanks to Jeremy Froncek for being a good sport and sharing his perspective! Non-Sequitur of the Day  Night: Songs heard on Comedy Bang! Bang! (Comedy Death Ray Radio) —-> R.O. Manse’s “LadyBoy” (for Shakes) & Dragon Boy Suede’s “BuyContinue reading “J.FRON & THE SMARTIES (2014)”


Tomorrow   At the stroke of midnight is Mama’s birthday so I’ve dressed some stuff up in the hallway…Now don’t tell anybody! ;) Non-Sequitur #1: Fashionably Bloody Knuckles…   Non-Sequitur #2: Type “do a barrel roll” into your Google search bar…Maybe it’s old news but it’s still cool! :D