Opportunity Knocks, but Doors Don’t Open by Themselves

(Unless they’re those fancy automatic sliding doors but that’s not the point, really…) In today’s economy, everybody’s pinching their pennies and looking for solutions. It’s quite the hustle and ya’ve gotta do what ya’ve gotta do! Thankfully, we are fortunate to live in a society filled with so many philosophical voices (i.e. Rihanna, Ms. Couric)Continue reading “Opportunity Knocks, but Doors Don’t Open by Themselves”


Bitcoin and the World of New Money By Sarah Samways  / June 25, 2013   Perusing the Internet Archive’s activity blog will bring visitors to a post concerning an Archive contributor’s recent dealings with Bitcoins. What are bitcoins? A bitcoin is being pegged as the new dollar, only better. Instead of being controlled, mandated, tracked,Continue reading “$$$”