Pastoral Scene: Ego Fades, We’re All Happy Now

Travel makes us weary. Technology makes us want. We are going through some of the neediest times of our lives, separately, of course. Separate sides of the bed, separate seconds of slivers of exposed skin. We’ve come together through an unspoken bond of a complete lack of self-esteem. If only for a moment could IContinue reading “Pastoral Scene: Ego Fades, We’re All Happy Now”


Break the fourth wall / You are more than your pixels allow you to be / Burn all the wires down in that shack that you’ve kept them in / Freedom is just a few inches away   More versions may see the light of your computer screen. 

Pumpkin Practice

Yeah, I had fun…and I went a little too far whilst practicing technique on this little pumpkin. I wanted to see how I could cut into it, what the paint would look like dried on the skin, etc. Suffice it to say, the final product is something I can only deem a ‘Christmas Pumpkin’ (notContinue reading “Pumpkin Practice”