Boston Hassle features The Michael Character

Check out my latest article for the Boston Hassle featuring prolific folk punker The Michael Character. …And whatever you do, don’t call him your “Asian friend.” Read it and then listen to the music immediately after. Many thanks!  


Your likeness doesn’t belong to you. I like to play around with my own image from time to time, between banging my head against the proverbial wall, in the hopes that I’ll get to know myself a little better. The #selfie is the new form of self-portraiture and its potential goes beyond glamour shots ofContinue reading “IDENTITY CRISIS”

Chaos Abounds

“I remember a time when I spent my nights deciphering The Code and declining invitations to tea with wealthy gentlemen…” continued Ol’ Bat. The sock had been replaced with a shoe because it had melted. This wasn’t very effective and I spat it out but no one really seemed to care. Teenybopper was pacing theContinue reading “Chaos Abounds”