Demassifying Science

It had been awhile but I decided to wander into the part of The Woods where I had once been kidnapped. I hoped to find The Specialist there, if only for a moment. He looked tired, as if he had been giving medical treatment to large groups of people in haste, he being the soleContinue reading “Demassifying Science”


Break the fourth wall / You are more than your pixels allow you to be / Burn all the wires down in that shack that you’ve kept them in / Freedom is just a few inches away   More versions may see the light of your computer screen. 

Dinosaurs Before Dark

It’s a sad day for paleontology; the brontosaurus never existed. On the other hand, we did survive the Mayan Apocalypse… Anyhow, it’s raining and I’ve decided SARAHSAMWAYS.COM needed a different look, so enjoy!