Devon Fick Presents: Short Stories Based on Small Objects

Here’s a piece I wrote for Devon Fick’s ongoing series, “Short Stories Based on Small Objects.”  My object/inspiration is the blue ticket seen below. The love of his life had died back in ’81. Poor Ol’ Dorothy Jo’s lungs had failed her, leaving Mr. Robert William Barker alone with a bunch of infertile dogs. IContinue reading “Devon Fick Presents: Short Stories Based on Small Objects”

Boston Hassle + The Lankville Daily News

WE DID IT! Uh, no pun intended. Boston Hassle is excited to collaborate with fake news site The Lankville Daily News for a weekly feature called “News from Lankville.” We happily present to you headlining stories and editorials by both real and fictional characters, living in a town just on the brink of existence. This week’sContinue reading “Boston Hassle + The Lankville Daily News”


I wanted to repay the favor. Touching my now bandaged temple, I slowly arose from the frondescence beneath me… “Frondescence?” Teenybopper asked skeptically. “Frondescence. Yes, frondescence.” I agreed, dizzily. I looked around me and found no one; my wrists and ankles had become free. Everything or nothing could be at risk if I just gotContinue reading “SEQUINED BRAIN”


I had run out of places to hide in my apartment where Ol’ Bat and Teenybopper wouldn’t find me so I escaped to The Woods in order to find some sort of peace. This would prove a fruitless adventure since they knew me better than I knew myself and could accurately predict my next moveContinue reading “BANANA LOBOTOMY”


ONE A co-worker once told me that it took the sickest, dirtiest jokes in order to get me to laugh, to crack a smile. I suppose in a sense she was right. This same co-worker also told me, on an unrelated occasion, that I reminded her of “an old style saloon worker, a Spanish whore”Continue reading “A HISTORY OF LAUGHTER”


I’ve been up all night, trying to get lucky! :-/ Experimental video made exclusively for Video! Video! EP:3 Video Dating, October 2014   ELEPHANTS.


  THE PERFORMER Did anyone else notice that? Did anyone else notice it? Did anyone else notice the fear in ITS eyes? I’m not sure if IT’S sure if IT knows whether or not IT feels like IT’S doing me a disservice anymore… I wonder if the audience cares anymore I wonder if they knowContinue reading “THE PERFORMER”

Opportunity Knocks, but Doors Don’t Open by Themselves

(Unless they’re those fancy automatic sliding doors but that’s not the point, really…) In today’s economy, everybody’s pinching their pennies and looking for solutions. It’s quite the hustle and ya’ve gotta do what ya’ve gotta do! Thankfully, we are fortunate to live in a society filled with so many philosophical voices (i.e. Rihanna, Ms. Couric)Continue reading “Opportunity Knocks, but Doors Don’t Open by Themselves”

Carpenter House Graffiti, Night Flea, Like No Udder, Daisy Kisses, The Odd Couple

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tumblr

Click here for angst and stuff —> <— Little Cages, is so entitled, because one night I stayed over my Gramma’s house and as I tucked her into bed for the night so she could read her true-crime novel and pet her cat, Heidi, sleepily she asked me to take off her glasses. “Little cages,Continue reading “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tumblr”

Flowers Over Boys & Upcoming Events

Artistically speaking, I’ve recently developed and obligated myself to the Go Big or Go Home (Again!) Theory. I’ve been kicking around some ideas for work for some time now but have lacked the time, space, energy, and/or funds to create. This is nothing new but it’s not impossible and I’ve had opportunities in the pastContinue reading “Flowers Over Boys & Upcoming Events”