Flarfy Feelings

Here’s my first time writing a Flarf poem. Let’s see how this goes over in class tonight.   Flarf: Lust Ever Fleeting, Love Upholds The only woman pioneered the lone woman. They never quite saw her as an equal… The Girl, (Art’s first punk), continues to inspire people. History has taken a while to catchContinue reading “Flarfy Feelings”


I drank several glasses of strong tea that were labeled ‘proceed with caution’ – I tapped my fingers and clicked my tongue. I fashioned myself an outfit made from dusty doilies and called it a day. My heart began to expand from the inside, with my chest tightening, I knew it would soon explode. IContinue reading “A RUN FOR OUR LIVES”

Shared Dreams in Multiplicity

I had traveled a great distance without so much as a canteen of water to quench me. I had left The Woods in search of some deep and meaningful solitude. I had left no notes, no smoke signals, said no goodbyes, nor held any shards of glass up towards the sun – I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Shared Dreams in Multiplicity”

The Absolute Horror of a Stalemate

  I got deeper into the darkness, chasing after that multicolored light. I basked myself in its warm and finally tangible embrace. I was safe from the cries of the misconstrued, Ol’ Bat, Teenybopper, The Specialist, and the whole fucking lot of them. I hid under a blanket of roses for awhile and refused toContinue reading “The Absolute Horror of a Stalemate”

Obstructed Reality

I built a podium made of sticks and mud. I held a press conference for all of the birds and beasts in the wilderness. The world was getting smaller and I began to speak of sadness, not judgment. Love was the theme. The Specialist was there along with our mutual friends. Ol’ Bat was tappingContinue reading “Obstructed Reality”

Demassifying Science

It had been awhile but I decided to wander into the part of The Woods where I had once been kidnapped. I hoped to find The Specialist there, if only for a moment. He looked tired, as if he had been giving medical treatment to large groups of people in haste, he being the soleContinue reading “Demassifying Science”


It’s the holiday season and I’ve been forced to ponder things very deeply and very astutely. It’s an unfortunate occurrence as I think I’m pretty on throughout the year but forgive me for I am about to be blunt. I must address all who dare come out of the woodwork and come to me inContinue reading “BLOOD VISITS & THE FAILURES OF MEN AND OF MEN WHO WANT TO FAIL ME”


I wanted to repay the favor. Touching my now bandaged temple, I slowly arose from the frondescence beneath me… “Frondescence?” Teenybopper asked skeptically. “Frondescence. Yes, frondescence.” I agreed, dizzily. I looked around me and found no one; my wrists and ankles had become free. Everything or nothing could be at risk if I just gotContinue reading “SEQUINED BRAIN”


I had run out of places to hide in my apartment where Ol’ Bat and Teenybopper wouldn’t find me so I escaped to The Woods in order to find some sort of peace. This would prove a fruitless adventure since they knew me better than I knew myself and could accurately predict my next moveContinue reading “BANANA LOBOTOMY”


At approximately 1700 hours, on the date of December 8th, 2014, I was held at knife point by my oppressors and I had reached my breaking point. I was being held captive at a station where money and “points” were being exchanged for goods and nourishment. I, a veteran of such official missions, have beenContinue reading “CAMARADERIE IN THE FACE OF THE OPPRESSOR”