Scenes from last night’s NIGHT FLEA at 95 Empire:   Many thanks to Like No Udder for stopping by with delicious vegan treats, Jim from Infectious Fun Toys for providing food and laughs, and everybody else for just being there.

Carpenter House Graffiti, Night Flea, Like No Udder, Daisy Kisses, The Odd Couple

9 Dollar Night; Baby(?)

4/26 : 9 sheets of Bingo, 9 Bingo cards on each sheet, final game split between nine people = “BINGO!” (I won nine dollars!)   What I did with it later: (For great service and attention to detail, albeit in a dump of a town, go here…) 4/27 – 28: Will Ivy June come today?Continue reading “9 Dollar Night; Baby(?)”


MAMA’S BDAY 2/19/2014: We saw Nebraska, stopped by Nice Slice, grabbed veggie burgers at that Johnny Rocket’s in the mall, played at Dave & Buster’s, and ate pretty, vegan, carrot cake from Wildflour Bakery made just for Mama. For a Happy Birthday Wish, —-> Click Here <—-

RISD’s The Met

“Our menu features innovative entrées and special creative cuisines, an artisan pizza oven, a salad and deli bar, plus a mouth-watering array of desserts and pastries made on site. At RISD Dining we pride ourselves on providing quality, delicious and artfully prepared food. Our team of professionals strives to exceed your expectations and awaken your senses.Continue reading “RISD’s The Met”

Pumpkin Practice

Yeah, I had fun…and I went a little too far whilst practicing technique on this little pumpkin. I wanted to see how I could cut into it, what the paint would look like dried on the skin, etc. Suffice it to say, the final product is something I can only deem a ‘Christmas Pumpkin’ (notContinue reading “Pumpkin Practice”

Farmer’s Market Finds

Today, we went to Slater Park’s Fall Festival, which also coincided with their weekly Farmer’s Market. There were a lot of happy dogs walking around and Irish schoolgirls doing a jig on a nearby stage. Anyway, can a get a WHUTTWHUTT! for these beautiful red peppers?! :)