Annex Art Days 3 – 7

Yes, I was very bad – but I want to make it up to you! Here are drawings made from inspirations seen from Day 3 to Day 7:

3. “All Nature seems at work/ Slugs leave their lairs—The bees are stirring—Birds are on the wing”—Samuel Coleridge

day 3_bold birds
Bold Birds

4. “Rise and put on your foliage, and be seen/ To come forth, like the springtime, fresh and green,”—Robert Herrick

day 4_festive foliage
Festive Foliage

5. “A warble for joy of lilac-time, returning in reminiscence” –Walt Whitman

day 5_lingering lilac
Lingering Lilac

6. “A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown –
Who ponders this tremendous scene –
This whole Experiment of Green –
As if it were his own!”—Emily Dickinson

day 6_tenacious tree
Tenacious Tree 

7. “it’s

balloonMan whistles
wee” –e e Cummings

Billy Balloon
Billy Balloon

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